About Dr. Karyn Staples

A dynamic presenter with incredible clarity in communication, Dr Karyn Staples, PT, PhD, NCPT teaches PT’s, PTAs, Pilates instructors, and other bodywork professionals ideal movement techniques to improve their practices. Karyn combines interesting, thought-provoking lectures with practical demonstrations. This enables her participants to integrate effective, foundational concepts into their daily work.

Driven By Passion

A Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and a Physical Therapist with over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience, Karyn is driven by her passion to create wellness and optimal health.

As a coach to other wellness practitioners, Karyn brings about both excellence in practice and solid business direction. She founded her still thriving practice, Pro Health Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio (Peachtree City, Georgia) in 2005. Her extensive education and experience forged the path to educate and mentor others.

Founded by Science

Karyn earned her BS and Master of Physical Therapy from University of Evansville (Evansville, IN). While there, she explored different ways to enhance her own exercise routine. That was when she discovered Pilates through Brook Siler’s book, The Pilates Body, as she was seeking change in her exercise. The further she delved into the work, the greater connection she saw with her physical therapy profession. While attending Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions for her PhD work in Orthopedics and Sports Science, she completed her comprehensive Pilates teacher training through Polestar® Pilates Education. This credential allowed her to complete her dissertation in April 2011 utilizing Pilates, The Effect of Standing Pilates on the Aging Female Population.

Karyn has presented at the Pilates Method Alliance, Pilates on Tour (Balanced Body), and Physical Therapy Association of Georgia. She has also lectured at Emory University Physical Therapy Department, Georgia State University Physical Therapy Department, and the University of Evansville Physical Therapy Department. She also serves as a clinical mentor to physical therapy students, orthopedic physical therapy residents, and movement practitioners.

As a mother of two, Karyn continues to promote a healthy lifestyle to our next generation with programming for young people, including young athletes at her office. Karyn also conducts small research projects and facilitates nonprofit philanthropy in her community.


- Renée

Karyn, I am unbelievably blessed to have had this experience with you at the helm. You are a true treasure to the entire Pilates community. Words cannot fully express my gratitude for all you poured into me over the last year. Thank you for your heart and passion and for passing it on to others. Love & Respect.

- Sara

Karyn’s a fabulous presenter. She’s open, friendly, clear, and succinct. Wish we had more time to “pick her brain.” She obviously knows her stuff.   “LOVED this course!”

- Monique

She really knows her stuff and is very articulate about her expression of knowledge.

- Esteban

Best speaker, most knowledgeable with data I can actually use! Entire cost of conf = to the lecture.