Coaching with Dr. Karyn Staples

Dr. Karyn Staples, PT, PhD, mentors new PTs, providing them with the coaching they need to know how to handle any clinical situation. This is particularly helpful in early career development, or for practice owners, in the absence of additional PTs in the practice.

"For the new grad physical therapist, they may have gone through coursework and an internship, but there may be some questions on how to manage patients, and I step in and provide help in problem solving," says Dr. Staples. Dr. Staples says this makes new physical therapists more productive and efficient in their clinical practices. It's why practice owners often put the mentoring of their new colleagues into Karyn's hands for coaching.

Karyn often provides clinical conferencing—new PTs will bring her the entire stack of their current patients to discuss optimal treatment plans. In a 50 minute session, they'll be able to go through all of the options and create solutions.

The problem one of Karyn's coaching clients encountered was that she was treating a patient under doctor's orders after shoulder surgery, and the patient was progressing too quickly. The new PT wondered if it was okay to speed up the process or if she'd damage a patient who'd just had surgery. Dr. Staples helped her think through tissue healing and what things could be pushed based on that science.

"I've also worked with PTs who have just returned to work after an absence—like leaving practice for a while to raise children. They want to get back and be ready to practice," said Dr. Staples.

Physical therapy clinic owners often appreciate one-on-one time with Karyn to facilitate learning both for themselves, and to bring her teaching to their staff. Questions she’s been able to answer for previous physical therapy or Pilates clinic owner clients include things like:

  • What do I need to have in place before I hire additional team members?
  • What can I do to protect my clinic's clients from poaching?
  • How can we improve our clinic's productivity?

"I provide tools to make coaching a win-win for both clinic owners and their team."

You can explore the option of coaching with Dr. Karyn Staples in an initial consultation of half an hour for $60.

Dr. Staples will discuss your situation and if working with her is a good option for improving your clinical practice.

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Coaching Packages Include

  • Customized and personalized clinical coaching
  • All Dr. Karyn Staples clinical knowledge and wisdom for you or your team
  • Three times per month, 50 minutes per session

Dr. Staples has coaching packages for $850 per month or 3 months for $2500. She recommends year-long relationships for the most effective coaching experience. Each three-month package includes access for your choice of Women's Health or the Staying Aligned Series, both good for CEU credits.

With a six-month coaching package, at $4500, both the Women's Health and Staying Aligned full courses are included.

You’ll start with a $60 half hour exploration call to talk about fit and what plan will work best for you.

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- Renée

Karyn, I am unbelievably blessed to have had this experience with you at the helm. You are a true treasure to the entire Pilates community. Words cannot fully express my gratitude for all you poured into me over the last year. Thank you for your heart and passion and for passing it on to others. Love & Respect.

- Mark

Hands down the most practical, best prepared lecture! Great energy, great ideas, absolutely phenomenal.

- Rob

Very well done, great information, I could listen to you all day.

- Molly

Karyn is the best teacher/presenter yet!! I would take tons of classes with her!!! So knowledgeable and clear.