Dr. Karyn Staples' interactive seminars and workshops fully engage participants in learning. Her speaker's menu, below, is available via both virtual and in-person presentations. Audiences in the US and around the world appreciate her knowledge and clarity of physical therapy.

She regularly presents at Physical Therapy conferences, Pilates On Tour and the Pilates Method Alliance. She also guest lectures at universities, and does small group workshops at physical therapy and/or Pilates practices around the world. She's presented in as far-flung locations as Russia and Ireland. Virtual presentations have been attended by many in the US and other countries, including Turkey.

Karyn also facilitates full cohorts of Polestar Pilates training out of her facility, ProHealth, in Peachtree City, Georgia. Karyn's signature series' courses can be delivered for live or virtual audiences in full or in segments.

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Staying Aligned which can be segmented into:

  • Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Staying Aligned, about shoulder congruency
  • Hip to Be Square, about hip alignment
  • Footloose and Ankle Free, about ankle and foot congruency

Women's Health which can be segmented into:

  • The Power of Your Flower: information every woman should know about her anatomy
  • Prenatal: Anatomy and Pilates exercises for pregnant women
  • Postnatal: What kinds of Pilates movements are right for women who have recently delivered babies
  • Pelvic Pain: Causes and effective treatments using Pilates-based physical therapy

Karyn has also developed five additional workshops:

  • When Less is Needed to Progress
    This workshop features an understanding of early childhood motor learning, how kids learn to move, the requirement for mobility and stability in adults and how the Oov can improve therapy for those. This workshop is perfect for PTs, PTAs and Pilates Instructors who want training on an effective tool.
  • Use of Pilates-based Rehabilitation as Early Intervention Following Total Knee Arthroplasty
    This single-subject case design presents the benefits of using Pilates for physical therapy based on a 64-year-old male treated successfully by Dr. Karyn Staples.
  • Posture
    This lecture is designed as an interactive session to engage the participant in postural awareness. We will investigate proper postural alignment in sitting and standing and why posture is important for general spinal health. While this is appropriate for a general audience, Dr. Karyn Staples is also able to up level the technicality for physical therapists, PTAs and Pilates instructors, depending on audience.
  • Sitting Pretty
    This workshop enables participants to gain knowledge of the harmful effects of prolonged sitting, experience proper sitting posture and explore Pilates movements to improve posture and counteract the effects of sitting. Dr. Staples often presents this workshop to business professionals or to wellness professionals who want to better serve them.
  • Running
    This lecture not only explores the six pillars of running and proper running technique, but also shares exercises to assess running and to improve it. Running groups and aficionados and the practitioners that serve them particularly enjoy this presentation.