What Dr. Karyn Staples attendees are saying...

- Christine

These Polestar weekends have been such a gift. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and love for teaching with us with unfailing enthusiasm. We will be better teachers and healers because of you. Many, many thanks,

- Rebecca

Karyn, Thank you so much for all the guidance you have given us the past 2 years! You are so supportive and an amazing instructor/educator. I am so thankful we decided to postpone the last 3 classes and have the opportunity to learn directly from you! I am truly blessed. Thanks again for everything! All the best,

- Keri

Karyn – Thank you so much for being such a supportive and understanding educator. This has been a tough emotional time and you have truly helped me get through this and enjoy it. I hope to see you again soon. Thanks again!

- Renée

Karyn, I am unbelievably blessed to have had this experience with you at the helm. You are a true treasure to the entire Pilates community. Words cannot fully express my gratitude for all you poured into me over the last year. Thank you for your heart and passion and for passing it on to others. Love & Respect.

- Steve

Karyn is a great speaker—very clearly explaining technical topics.

- Sara

Karyn’s a fabulous presenter. She’s open, friendly, clear, and succinct. Wish we had more time to “pick her brain.” She obviously knows her stuff.   “LOVED this course!”

- Monique

She really knows her stuff and is very articulate about her expression of knowledge.

- Esteban

Best speaker, most knowledgeable with data I can actually use! Entire cost of conf = to the lecture.

- Mark

Hands down the most practical, best prepared lecture! Great energy, great ideas, absolutely phenomenal.

- Hope

I loved your classes. Your tone of voice, your rhythm! I learned so much, and I will always be grateful that you were a part of my Pilates formation.

- Ashley

Karyn is the best! Her presentation was packed full of information in an articulate way. She took and answered all questions. Amazing! The best lecture all week.

- Rob

Very well done, great information, I could listen to you all day.

- Molly

Karyn is the best teacher/presenter yet!! I would take tons of classes with her!!! So knowledgeable and clear.